6 Ways to Avoid Turning into a Quarantined Crazy Person

In New Zealand, we are now entering our second full week of isolation. To be completely honest I didn’t think I’d manage to get this far without turning into a complete crazy person. Someone who knits with cooked spaghetti or resorting to cutting the grass with hairdressing scissors, you know the completely normal daily quarantine activities.

The more I think about it, the most I realised I’ve managed to steer off boredom quite well and have somehow managed to feel productive in my days without resorting to mindless snacking and binge watching Tiger King. (Thats a lie, I binged watched Tiger King and it was the greatest 5 hours and 23 minutes of my isolation thus far).

As someone who finds joy from ticking off a to do list, I’ve still spent my Sunday evenings planning my week, having a routine and finding ways to be productive. I’ve found having a routine to be key in making sure my days don’t just all blend together to become one big day with multiple naps. So here are 6 ways to steer clear of boredom and actually feel productive in quarantine.

Organise your house

Being the typical Marie Kondo lover that I am, I found this to be the perfect opportunity to get gritty with all the jobs I’ve been putting off since the dawn of time. I took some time to sit and write a huge ideal world list of everything I could possibly organise and clean, stuck it to my fridge and just pick one or two things each day. It makes me feel hella productive plus I get to live in a clean, organised, stress free home.

Go for a run/ workout

When they announced that gyms were closing I’m not being dramatic when I say I wanted to cry. Going to the gym is such a major part of my life that I often go twice a day because it genuinely is my hobby. I love being active, I love sweating and I love the fact I get to eat more when I workout. I’ve never really been a runner, I’d say 3km is enough before I get bored/ tired/ want to die. However, I’ve found that I have a new love for running and I even pushed myself to conquer some giant hills today. If you don’t fancy running there are some great online workouts, it seems everyone on the gram has become a fitness extraordinaire. Even going for a walk around your neighbourhood gets you outside, breaks up the day and involves you in the local teddy bear hunt.

milford beach auckland

Cook/ Bake something delicious

Being home means my lunches and dinners have become an art form. I love flicking through my cookbooks and experimenting with recipes using what I have in my pantry. I’ve been challenging myself to completely change the way I eat and not just resort to boredom snacking. Spend sometime browsing pinterest looking for homemade versions of your favourite takeaways and you might just surprise yourself!

tofu scramble
See my tofu scramble recipe here


Do you ever feel like you want to learn something new, maybe a language, a skill for work or just some new hobby? Well now is your opportunity considering how much time you’ve been given. There are heaps of cheap (some free) courses online, plus thousands of apps to learn just about anything. My favourite sites to use are; Coursera, Skillshare and Udemy. You can literally learn anything. Even our local university is offering a free 10 hour online Te Reo Maori course.

Find a new hobby

I have always wanted somewhere to share and store my recipes with the world and never found I had enough time to set myself up. Of course, now what you are reading is the result of finding a new hobby in self isolation. There are thousands of things you can do if you really think about it. You can even download a piano to your phone these days. Whats better than coming out of this totally grateful that you had time to pursue something you now love and make time for in your normal life.


Some people get lost in video games, other people get lost in binge watching, I get lost in reading. 12 days in and I’m on my 8th book. I’ve been filling my days with endless books that my best friend had to leave a bag full by my letter box. I’ve been loving reading those cringey self-help books with the activities you can do but I’ve found as someone who chronically overthinks everything that I’ve actually become less stressed and anxious about the whole situation and just let it be.

books and cookies

You’ve probably heard enough about these things over and over, but I find it good to be able to see everything I could possibly do, before I turn around to completing Disney+. Something which of course is high on my list too, because whats the point of 4 weeks minimum off work without a major binge.

Oh and PS. Yes I have already cut my own hair.

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