A Birthday in Quarantine

Day 18 of self-isolation in New Zealand and as I type that I can’t help but read it in the voice of the Big Brother House narrator. The longer the time goes on, the more I just get completely relaxed and used to this new way of life that I’ve actually started to enjoy it. One of the reasons is the fact that today is my birthday!

As an insane fan of planning, my birthday was to go as follows; dinner and evening out with friends, overnight stay at a cute Air BnB on Waiheke Island with vineyard hopping tour, followed by a week at a spa on the coast. Of course, Covid-19 cancelled these plans and got us making the best of staying at home. So instead my weekend has consisted of; baking, dancing in my lounge, a virtual pub quiz with family and relaxing. And let me say I cannot be more grateful.

I am so used to being on the go. As I’ve said before, I’m so deep into the Type-A scale that I don’t know the meaning of the word relax. I meticulously plan things and get stressed and annoyed when they don’t go the way I intended. This time has been such a shift for me but I am so grateful for the journey. It has really made me think and consider how I want to grow this year, become more relaxed and just let things be.

This weekend I was able to spend the time to bake my own birthday cake – something I’ve always been too busy to do. I used a recipe in Lucy Watsons Feed Me Vegan book to make a delicious berry topped chocolate fudge cake which I was able to enjoy heaps more than just ordering one from a supplier. I spent my birthday relaxing, facetiming my family in the UK and just getting in some quality me time. A complete shift from the usual but I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

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