Khu Khu Thai: The Best Vegan Thai Restaurant in Auckland

Since the lockdown was lifted in New Zealand last week, we were finally able to go out to eat again. I mean actually sit down in a restaurant and enjoy, not just grab and go. We decided for our first meal out we wanted to try Khu Khu Vegan Thai Restaurant in Ponsonby. Since opening in December last year, we have tried (and failed) to get a reservation, it is THAT popular. However, we got super lucky and managed to get in as soon as the isolation was over.

When it comes to Thai food, I like to think I am a bit of a snob. After our trip to Thailand a few years ago, we learnt a lot about Thai cuisine and since returning to New Zealand, I never really found a place which hit the spot. Especially trying to find a good vegan option. Now this place has been talked about a lot! It was recommended to me by so many friends and colleagues and it seems to get a lot of attention on the internet. I generally find that when places are hyped up a lot they tend not to live up to expectations. But boy I was wrong.

The place is a super cute, little restaurant with only 6 tables (no wonder it took so long to get in) with one of those limited menus where you can’t decide what you want because you want EVERYTHING. We opted to start with kumara spring rolls which were insanely crispy and served with a sweet carrot dip. For mains we had Thai green curry and panang curry served with purple rice. While both were delicious, the panang was next level. I love my tofu crispy and this dish just hit the spot.

When I say everything was great, I mean everything was AMAZING. It makes me want to plan our next visit so we can try even more on the menu. Let me tell you, if you ever find yourself in Auckland City, have a mosey on over to the more boujee side of town (Ponsonby) for a vegan treat. Even if you’re not vegan, you might find yourself slowly transitioning, thanks to the deliciousness that is Khu Khu Thai!

This post is not affiliated with Khu Khu Vegan Thai at all. It is not a sponsored or endorsed post. As always, my opinions are my own.

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