Date Night at Ramen Takara

Since the lockdown lifted in New Zealand, we have been trying to make the effort to not let life get too busy and set aside at least one night per fortnight to get dressed up and go for a date night. I’ve been loving researching our local areas to see whats available and which places have vegan options and this week we came across an old favourite.

In winter, soups are our go-to and we have been having the best soup weather recently. We’ve been having some crazy autumn winds and rain meaning this weeks date night was all about ramen and the best place close to us is Ramen Takara. A short drive from us is Browns Bay, a cute little beach suburb with such a good choice of bars and restaurants. We love to hang out at the beach in summer and hit up the bars in winter.

All I can say is the menu is great for creating! There are so many options that can become vegetarian and they give you the option to change the noodles to rice noodles to make most dishes vegan. I opted for the Tan-Tan ramen with rice noodles. Basically it is a sour and spicy tomato base with sesame, stir fried veggies and tofu and it was amazing! I often find foods to be a little overkill on spice and flavouring but the spice factor was just perfect for the wintery night we had. Of course, we also had to grab a side dish of the renkon chips, a super crunchy and crispy lotus root snack.

We had such a lovely evening and it was such good value. Living in Auckland we often find places to be a little pricy but do come across rare gems one of them being Ramen Takara. I have to say, without being bias and due to the flexibility of the menu, it is definitely up top as one of our favourite spots for a cute dinner date.

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