My Favourite Vegan Weekend Treats

In my opinion, the weekend begins the second I clock out on a Friday afternoon. Sometimes we go for after work drinks, sometimes it’s date night and sometimes we just enjoy going to the gym or having a chill movie night. Throughout my week, I tend to stick to a pretty strict food schedule, purely based on the fact that thats how I get the best results at the gym. But on the weekend I enjoy having a treat or 4.

When I say treat, I mean a little treat. I used to be a full on non-stop binger and it took a lot of willpower to get through. After moving countries and spending a lot of time alone and being the giant foodie I am, I used to not have an off button. Let me say it has taken a ridiculous amount of years to get my metabolism and fitness levels to a good place. I wouldn’t say my diet is now restricting, but I do watch what I eat and enjoy to eat healthy and fresh 99% of the time.

So that lands us to my favourite weekend treats. Who doesn’t love a good treat, am I right? I always thought it would be super difficult to find snacks that I loved and were tasty, without dairy. I am a massive sweet tooth, so most of my old go-to snacks were sent packing once I discovered my dairy intolerance. However, once I took time to research I actually discovered so many delicious options!

Kea Cookies

Probably my go-to snack right now! These cookies are seriously amazing. I absolutely love to munch down on them while watching a movie. I sometimes like to crumble them on top of my favourite smoothie bowls or use them in tray bakes for an extra treat. The best flavours are definitely chocolate chip or vanilla. They are gluten-free and vegan so a total double bonus and so easy to find at our local supermarkets.

Peanut Butter Cookies

When I have a little spare time on the weekend, I love to bake. Sometimes when I want to bake a super quick treat, I always go for one of my easiest recipes to date. My peanut butter cookie recipe is simply the easiest to whip up for a sweet treat and definitely hits the spot. They bring back full nostalgia for me of Friday nights spent gossiping with my mum.

Dark Chocolate Macadamias

With a local bulk food store being just around the corner from our house, we try to be as minimal as possible and shop waste free as often as physically possible. One of my favourite waste-free snacks is dark chocolate macadamias. I ALWAYS have a jar on hand for these weekend treats. I find that they are perfect to have on my desk when I’m in my home office, doing some writing, drawing or researching and so delicious too!

Whittakers Dark Almond

Possibly the best flavour by Whittakers goes to dark almond. Thats a crazy big call over on this side of the globe as there are so many people who would protest otherwise, but I stand my ground. I love to use this to curb sweet cravings through the week as well as on the weekend but it is definitely a must for movie nights!

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