Obsessing Over the Launch of Bird On A Wire’s New Vegan Menu

Stop the press! Our local Rotisserie chicken store just launched a vegan range. Yes, you read that correctly. A one stop chicken store doing a vegan menu. Ever since I heard of KFC’s overseas launching a vegan burger, I was somewhat skeptical about how a restaurant known for chicken would fair in the plant-based community. However, I have once again been proved wrong.

We are fortunate enough to live on Auckland’s North Shore, well known for brunches, lunches and bars within walking distance from our house. I actually work almost directly opposite the Takapuna branch of Bird on a Wire and heaps of my colleagues are always going on about how great their lunch bowls are for such a healthy option. I heard through the grapevine that a new menu was coming with a range of vegan options and I was READY!

Since the new menu launching last week, we have already made multiple trips. The first trip for a post-workout light lunch I decided to try out the Hoisin Tofu Bowl. I rarely order salads when eating out as I find them to be uninspiring and similar to what I could whip up at home, however, the texture and taste of the tofu was insane! It was so crispy and the hoisin flavouring paired amazingly with with edamame and asian slaw. It got me super inspired to experiment with my own cooking when using tofu to make the crumbed coating that was just perfect.

Our second trip we took a friend to try the new menu for his first meal out of a 14 day hotel quarantine. After returning back to New Zealand from overseas and of course the mandatory quarantine, he was ready for a good feed and we were ready for round 2 of Bird on a Wires new menu. This time I opted for the heartier brunch option of veggs bene. Once again they hit the nail on the head with the crumbed tofu! I am actually obsessing like a crazy person trying to work out how to get such perfect results. Now I am also a fiend for a potato rosti and their version was delicious. Topped with mushroom, spinach and the grand finale of herb hollandaise, which of course is a mystery I will NEVER solve.

I will continue to count down the days until we can make a third trip to try out the grand finale – the Beyond Burger. I’ve heard great things and from what we’ve already experienced I know they will live up to my expectations. If you’re ever in the area, hit them up, especially if you’re with a non-vegan as the guys were in love with the meat options too.

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