A Lockdown Staycation

For the past week and a half, we have been in level 3 lockdown in Auckland meaning I am back at home and currently not working. Since struggling with the idea of self isolation last time, I’ve found that round 2 has been a lot easier. I’ve found myself to be really productive with my studying and workouts, have company because of our new rabbit, plus have started my summer cut.

However, one part of it which isn’t fun is the fact that my partner works so much more! (He works in hospital so of course the workload increases.) He has been working long days, 6 days a week, plus working on call hours meaning we really don’t get a lot of time together. I am still super grateful at least one of us has work so I wanted to arrange something special for us to have a little date night together. We were supposed to be on annual leave this week having a snowboarding trip which unfortunately we had to cancel, but it just meant I had to get my thinking cap on.

I decided to turn our house into an Air BnB!

The first part I did was create a Whiskey Bar. Serei loves whiskey so I was inspired by pinterest to make a whiskey and wine bar with all his favourites (from the cupboard) and even named it ‘The Shakespeare‘ after the road we live on. I built a blanket fort around our TV using our tent poles and lit it inside with the Christmas lights.

In our bedroom I set up a mini spa using essentials like massage oils and body scrubs we had picked up from a spa we visited together in Thailand. I lit candles, incense sticks and decorated the room with hibiscus flowers from trees outside our house. Plus I rolled out our yoga mats for a mini studio we could use together.

He was so surprised and absolutely loved it! We ordered pizzas and watched movies. It was so nice to spend a really good chunk of time together switching off from the world and enjoying our mini staycation. I think we will definitely have to do it again! Regardless of lockdown.

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