Updates for 2021

As we enter lockdown 3.0 in Auckland, I feel as though it’s time to reboot my life. That seems a bold statement, but from someone who has procrastinated her way through the first 6 weeks of the year, I’m definitely ready to get back into a groove of being more creative.

To update you on the story of my life, I decided in around November (around the time of my last post) I wanted to be a little bit more social. I’m not someone who craves social interactions and find I do get enough from my work life, but with my partner working long hours I found I was spending a lot of time doing not so much. I was watching big bang theory on repeat, hanging out with my bunny and life was becoming very ‘samey’. It was around this point that I found a weekly adult figure skating class and I rediscovered my love for the sport.

As someone who skated as a child, I have picked it up again pretty quickly. I’ve definitely hit that point of addiction/obsession where I often crave to be skating and have invested in new skates, as well as a new pair of off-ice skates which I’ve been LOVING this summer. I have so many goals I want to achieve within the sport that I have almost solely focused on it.

Fast forward 4 months and here we are, sitting in a new lockdown (72hours) and I find myself in yet another state of reflection. I find that for me, I procrastinate things I don’t really want to do, but the things I do want I get so hooked on them it’s like a drug. I often wish I could find the happy medium of a middle ground where I can do multiple things and invest in them. Maybe I just need to reset, not overthink this whole life plan and just let what will be be.

Anyway, as I sit here with my avocado toast, I’m considering how I want to grow my blog and update it in order for me to stay invested in it and enjoy doing it.

  1. I want to blog about life and my life goals, not just the recipes I experiment with. I really enjoy cooking and baking and it definitely is one of my passions and hobbies, but I really do want to branch out. I have so many other things I enjoy to navigate, including: fitness, lifestyle, sports, travel, interiors, that I don’t just want to place myself in the category of food blog.
  2. I want to stop worrying about my own expectations from my blog and just enjoy the writing process.

So theres a little update on my little space on the internet. If any of you out there are still reading.

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