Getting My Groove Back

As I’ve taken a little break from blogging and the internet in general over the summer, I feel like I’ve really been able to spend the time to organise my thoughts. It has also been so refreshing to take a step back from constantly being connected to my phone, and being able to switch off now and then. Being in New Zealand, I’d almost spent the summer completely oblivious to the fact the the rest of the world was still in some kind of lockdown. Until bam it hit us again,

I actually find myself (kind of) enjoying the lockdowns we have in modern life now. I always try to make the best out of them rather than stressing and really try to appreciate having the time off work. I find I love to have a solid reset, work on my goals and and do some good old self care. One of the things I’ve realised after having a few days of reflection is I need to get my groove back!

Even though my summer has been blissful, I am definitely ready for more structure and order to my life. I seem to thrive this way. I’m definitely the type of person who unless I have some form of list or routine, I procrastinate the hell out of my life and cant seem to achieve anything. Here is my little list of ways I am getting my groove back!

Clean up my diet

One thing I notice through summer is my diet goes haywire. As someone who generally eats a healthy, plant based diet all year I try not to worry too much when I have a week or so of more ‘junk’ food. However, this year I’ve found it to be really difficult shaking off the Christmas snacking. Yes, I’m aware it is now February and thats why I need to get back on the wagon. I also would love to drop about 5kg, just to feel like my old self again and not so sluggish when I skate, which leads me to my next point…

Start a new fitness regimen

I’ve been going to the gym regularly for a few years now, (mainly weights with cardio) but recently I’ve felt like I’ve fallen out of love with the monotony of it. With me recently getting back into enjoying skating (figure and roller) I want to adjust my fitness routine in line with training for skating. Yes, that seems extreme for a hobby, but I feel like I can align everything up and fall back in love with going to the gym. I also want to add stretch and yoga into my routine. During the first lockdown, I found yoga became such a good habit for me and increased my flexibility.

Get back into a good routine

Not only do I want to get my eating and exercise habits into a better routine, I want to focus on my sleep and productivity. I thrive better in a routine, especially once a get regular with my sleep and evening routine. I sleep better, wake up more refreshed and am more inclined to go to the gym, meaning I generally have a better day. I also want to get back into better habits after work rather than sitting around feeling lazy.

It may seem like it is a lot to try to change, but I am so used to filling my life with routines, habits and productivity that I just want to make a few changes. We are usually so busy and I genuinely enjoy feeling fulfilled. I’m beyond excited to start making changes and hopefully pretty soon I’ll get my groove back!

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