Staying Motivated When You’re Not Feeling Very Motivated

One of the things I seem to dominate is motivation. I often find myself making big plans and goals for certain aspects of my life and being able to stay determined enough to smash them. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t spend anytime procrastinating because I am human and therefore I do, I just seem to be able to pull myself away from a rut quite well and get back on track quickly.

Then Covid-19 happened and all motivation, plans, dreams and goals seemed to go flying out of the window. I found through isolation that because we didn’t really know what was happening or when it was going to end it was easy to get into a cycle of doing absolutely nothing. Let’s just say I hated it! I am such a do-er. I love lists and goals and the sheer idea of me doing none of that for the past 7 weeks has haunted me.

Fast forward into this new found freedom and it is definitely time for me to stop being the queen of procrastination, get back on the wagon and start smashing out some goals again. I always feel that I am quite a determined person anyway and have found that when I implement a few easy little steps I tend to stay a lot more motivated than I would have without.

So here is my little list of things I will be doing to stay motivated!

Make a Plan

The first thing I do to get back on track is make a solid plan. I don’t mean like a half assed list of things you might do at some point, I mean the details here people. I take what I want and break it down into rough steps as to how I’m going to achieve it. Then I plan! For example when talking about getting back into my gym workouts, I like to break it down even further and make a 6-week plan as to what workouts I’m going to do and when. And I put it on my fridge. Yes. The fridge. I see it every single day and I feel amazing ticking off each day as an achievement. The more I plan, the more motivated I am.

Make a Vision Board

Something I love to do at the start of a new pursuit is to refresh my vision board. If you have no idea what this is, I highly suggest punching it into Pinterest and getting hooked. I use a standard cork board above my desk where I like to put pictures of things I want to achieve, as well as little quotes and (of course) lists of dreams and affirmations. I find that since using vision boards, I’ve been able to stay away from procrastination as it is one of the first things I see when I sit at my desk. It reminds me of my purpose and why I want to put in the hours and I’m instantly motivated to do more.

Bullet Journal

One of the things I discovered at the start of this year is bullet journaling. You know the ones with the little dots instead of lines so you can be as creative and wild as physically possible, well this is my new love. I found that keeping track of my daily gratitude and habits in my journal is one of the best ways to stay on track. Again, I love ticking through a list to feel accomplished so a habit tracker is just an amazing thing I’ve been able to implement in order to stay motivated. I also love to reflect on my day each night with my gratitude practice and this helps me to reaffirm my goals each day.

Linking apps on my phone

I am not really a massive tech user. Even though I have an iPhone, I generally only use it for its basic functions. I recently fully linked up my watch with a few apps I found on my phone and I found that to be super motivating. I’ve actually been really enjoying being able to see all of my goals and to-dos for the day on my wrist, as well as having a ping to my wrist to remind me. I figured some people might find that to be the worst, but for me it just works to get me motivated and ready to smash each day.

Write your goals down

As basic as this last one is, I love to write down exactly what it is that I want to achieve. With my big 10 year goals, I write them down as if I already achieved them, as though I am reflecting on everything I have achieved in the past 10 years. It makes visualising them everyday a reality! I also like to pin this list up somewhere where I can see it everyday. Right now I have it above my desk, however sometimes I like to alternate between the fridge and beside my bed.

Each year, I spend sometime writing down my goals for the year as a to do list, basically a broken down version of my 10 year goals. I frame it and put it in the entrance to my home so I can tick off things as the year goes by. That was I stay motivated throughout the year.

How do you stay motivated?

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